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Come Home With Pride

The annual Heb Pride event, will be held in Stornoway on the 1st of June 2019.
Everyone is welcome to attend both the parade and the funday.
Let’s have a Happy Pride and really celebrate all that is good on our Island!


(with English subtitles)
Tha mi ag aideachadh an seo cho tric 's a bhios teagamhan agam a thaobh mo chuid Ghàidhlig, agus a' mìnicheadh carson nach eil mi a' leigeil leotha stad a chuir orm. - Catrìona NicilleDhuibh

Catriona Black Words and Pictures


Elephant Sessions

Soraidh Slàn & The Rise

The official music video for the special edition version of Skerryvore's 'Soraidh Slàn & The Rise' featuring, and with all proceeds going to Oban High School Pipe band.

Download & Stream here -

Directed & filmed by Dòmhnall Eòghainn MacKinnon, the video features stunning drone footage of the Isle of Tiree and Oban, OHSPB performing at Oban’s iconic McCaig’s Tower, and the moment that inspired the project, when Skerryvore were joined by the pipe band on stage at Oban Live 2018.

Exclusively for the music video version, the opening moments of the track are accompanied by William Blake’s Introduction to the Songs of Innocence “Piping down the valleys wild”.
- Skerryvore

An Léimras / Harris Dance

Brìghde Chaimbeul
Dòmhnall Eòghainn MacKinnon


“It is a disgrace that in addition to the uncertainties that EU citizens have had to endure, over the last almost 3 years since the EU referendum, some have been denied their right to vote in the European Parliament Election. We want EU citizens in Scotland to feel settled and secure, and to continue to feel welcome and valued in Scotland. This debacle will do nothing to ease their concerns."  Michael Russell, Constitutional Relations Secretary in the Scottish Government - The Orkney News
The Electoral Commission said the "very short notice" from the government about the UK's participation in the elections had an impact on the process. - BBC News

Wishing Well

We are very proud to present the video for Wishing Well (Anniversary Release)[2018]. This beautiful work was created by the renowned Scottish filmmaker, Craig MacKay of Pictii.

Wishing Well was written as a tribute to Eilidh MacLeod from Barra who was tragically killed in the Manchester Arena Bombing [22 May 2017]. All proceeds from the release will go towards a fund for building a permanent memorial to Eilidh on Barra.

We hope the memorial when it is completed and in a small way, this song will help this talented, bright young piper and Highland Dancer be remembered far into the future.

Special thanks to Malcolm Jones for giving of his time and talent as a generous donation to create the new recording.

Thanks also to Craig MacKay, Alistair Ferguson and all the team at Pictii for making such a special film and to John MacDougall for the footage of Castlebay, Barra.

download purchased will help the memorial to Eilidh to be built. - Skipinnish

Across the Waters

Documentary, 2004. Four months pregnant, in 1955, a young woman left her village in Pakistan with her new husband and travelled to the remote and beautiful Scottish Outer Hebrides.
Fifty years later, her granddaughter, one of a few third generation Asians in her community, is getting ready to sail from the shores of the island. Three generations of women and an old Gaelic islander tell us a story of migration, exile and belonging in a poetic, reflective journey across two cultures. - Sana Bilgrami

TICKTALK: Ticks and Lyme Disease

LymeMap International

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Tick Maps
VectorNet EU

The “danger area” in Scotland for ticks is throughout Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Highlands and Islands, Argyll and Bute, the Western Isles and Moray. Smaller numbers of cases are reported in Orkney, Shetland and Caithness and Sutherland. -  excerpted from the article Pocket-sized tick removers to be handed out to those at risk of Lyme disease (The Press and Journal)

NICE (UK) Lyme disease guidelines - key points

Lyme Resource Centre Scotland

What's it like training and working as a rural GP in Scotland

Dr Gemma Munro, a Rural Fellow in Lochaber in the Scottish Highlands, talks about her experiences of GP Specialty training in Scotland and progressing through to working out of the Ballachulish Medical Practice. - NHS Scotland GP Recruitment

mental health and wellbeing in shinty

The Camanachd Association (CA) believe that we need to work towards creating a healthy environment that is inviting to all and which promotes the integration of healthy behaviours and values into the everyday activities of shinty. We are committed to promoting health and well-being and have provided a number of template policies to support our member clubs and associations with this goal. One of the highest profile aspects of health and wellbeing was recently covered in this half time feature by BBC Alba.


''Passage'' is a song by Ali Murray which was featured on a charity compilation album of musical artists from the Isle Of Lewis called 'Escape'.
Escape was the idea of Iline Murray and her family with a view to raising funds for the Western Isles Association for Mental Health, a small Scottish charity based in the Outer Hebrides, who help people affected by mental health issues.

She brought together a selection of local musicians who have freely donated their recording and performance time. A special mention should also go to the 'Wee Studio' who produced this CD at no charge.

This album is dedicated to anyone who has shared the darkness and needs to escape!

All future proceeds will go directly to the Charity.

Mental Health Awareness Week 13-19 May 2019

why mental health matters

Mind Your Head Shetland

Mental Health Awareness Week 13-19 May 2019

The Cianalas Project

Magaidh Smith presents her work as Gaelic Co-ordinator of the Arora (now called Cianalas). This film was screened at the first Community & Dementia Conference in Perth, by Life Changes Trust on 21st September 2016 - Cianalas An Lanntair

Autumn Collapse

We could not be more thankful to the drama students at Inverness UHI, who put together this wonderful piece of film, outlining the daily struggles that many of us face. The dedicated team put in a lot of time and effort to put this together and we think Autumn Collapse is simply fantastic. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Emotional distress and poor mental health can affect anyone, it is important to discuss things. Discussion itself doesn't solve everything, but it certainly helps.

We at Mikeysline have been supporting people in emotional distress since December 2015. We can be texted on 07779303303 in the evenings and through the night at weekends.

We also have a drop in centre in the city centre of Inverness called the Hive Project, where people can access peer support along with a cuppa.

Highland band and Still Game TV star make health video at Inverness College UHI

Mental Health Awareness Week May 13 -19

Ullapool's Dolphin Arts Project

An Talla Solais's Dolphin Project works to support every person in the Ullapool area with a diagnosis of dementia, and their carers, through a variety of art-based activities delivered by a community of artists and volunteers.

The project provides regular sessions to suit different individuals and their families with weekly drop-in sessions, monthly discussion groups held in galleries and other community venues and monthly art sessions in Ullapool's two care homes
. - An Talla Solais

They Never Found Me

I can’t bring myself to seek the truth any more
Don’t ask me how I feel
I’m neither up nor down
Who’s keeping score anyhow?

I can’t face you fully or look you in the eye these days
Don’t think that I don’t want to
But my heart is sore
I’m looking down and down I go

I know two worlds
and I don’t know which is real
so I choose each word
and the darkness I conceal

Ah, oh! Where did he go?
High then low I’m still searching for my soul
So near but they never found me
and I’ll wait a while in my silent purgatory

I can’t bring myself to say I love you any more
Don’t think that I don’t want to
But on these words
I’m choking now somehow

I try to hold you but my arms are thin these days
Don’t think I should be leaned on
This beam’s been brought down
and down I go once more

I know two worlds
and I don’t know which is real
so I write this down
and hope the light I can reveal

Ah, oh! Where did he go?
High then low I’m still searching for my soul
So near but they never found me
and I’ll wait a while in my silent purgatory

and I'll wait a while
and I'll wait a while...

Mike Vass

Running at the Dark

Running at the Dark is the story of someone running alone into the night in their rural home landscape. The moonlight and the clear air free him from the stresses of every day life and lead him to believe he has escaped the passage of time and the inevitability of growing old. - Tide Lines

Late night, bad dreams,
Can’t sleep but I know where I need to go
Jump out of bed, throw on my shoes
To run to those hills that I’ve always known

Down the road, past the telephone line
This night was made for a moonlight serenade
The clear air starts to ease my mind
And I’m running alone but I am unafraid

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
I don’t believe that we’ll ever grow old
Oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh
Everything’s dark but I see clearly

I don’t believe that we’ll ever grow old
Why can’t you see it’s a lie we’ve been told
I don’t believe that we’ll ever grow old
Why can’t you see it’s a lie we’ve been told
Let go, we’re running at the dark

So many things that are hard to do
So many words that are hard to say
So many chances to be straight and true
But I’ve always loved romance and fantasy

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
I don’t believe that we’ll ever grow old
Oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh,
Everything’s dark but I see clearly

I don’t believe that we’ll ever grow old
Why can’t you see it’s a lie we’ve been told
I don’t believe that we’ll ever grow old
Why can’t you see it’s a lie we’ve been told
Let go, we’re running at the dark

a museum to clearance

Strathnaver Museum is situated on the north coast of Scotland. It is based in the former Parish Church of Columba in Bettyhill and opened as a museum in 1976. Its main theme is the tragic story of the Highland Clearances, it has a room dedicated to the Clan Mackay and also tells the story of crofting life. The ancient Pictish Farr Stone is situated nearby.

a memorial to clearance

James Crawford, Scotland from the Sky writer and presenter, and Publishing Manager at HES, explores the ruined township of Shiaba on the Isle of Mull in this clip from the second series of BBC's Scotland from the Sky. - Historic Environment Scotland

Wild Camping in a Campervan in Scotland.

What exactly is the law in Scotland pertaining to off-road camping in a campervan or motorhome? Is it covered by Scotland's progressive access legislation? It's a complex issue but this is it as far as I understand it.- Cameron McNeish

Know the Code Before You Go
Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

a scourge of ticks: armed, dangerous, global

A plague is rising.
In dozens of countries.
In your backyard.

We have underestimated the danger
Of ticks.

Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change is the first book to explore the link between a warmer world and the explosion of what has become an everyday menace in the lives of millions: ticks. - Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Rathad Chaluim / Calum's Road

Beautiful tune written by Donald Shaw, as a tribute to Calum MacLeod, an islander from Raasay, who spent years building a road from his croft to the main road, after the local council refused to do so for him.  - Louise Bichan

to find out more about life on Raasay, please visit Life at the end of the road

a three month head start for ticks

From 23rd June 2017: "You know it’s a bad year when it’s not even July and you’ve already lost count of how many ticks you’ve pulled out. Yep, found another one today. This time on my arm. Removing it asap is key but you don’t want to damage or stress it in the process otherwise you increase the risk of it passing infection onto you. Ideally it should be alive and well after you’ve removed it…..and as you can see, this one was most definitely alive and well this afternoon after I removed it, and kindly obliged in being filmed next to a 1p piece to show the scale." - Benvironment

A Guide to the Shetland Folk Festival

The Shetland Folk Festival is the highlight of the musical year for many local and visiting artists, as well as a fantastic weekend for everyone who enjoys a good spree! (We're known for that here)

Here's a closer look at the Shetland Folk Festival that prides itself on its inclusivity - a festival that includes all parts of Shetland, adults and children, local and visiting artists. - Promote Shetland

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

It's that time of year again and for those of us living in the UK there are lots of opportunities to support LDUK's third #WakeUptoLyme campaign, including ordering free awareness packs to distribute in our communities, hosting awareness events, and getting vocal on social media! 

This year's campaign aims to raise awareness on how to prevent tick bites, how to safely remove ticks and the importance of early treatment for those people who become unwell following a bite.

If you would like to get involved in raising awareness on this devastating disease, it's not too late to order your free LDUK awareness pack. Just click here!

You can also write to your GP, pharmacist and other health professionals and ask them to take the RCGP e-learning course on Lyme disease which was co-produced and funded by Lyme Disease Action. A letter template can be found here. This course navigates the GP to recognise the rash, early symptoms and late manifestations of Lyme disease in primary care. It equips the GP to be able to offer advice on prevention of Lyme disease and begin appropriate treatment to minimise the complications of this condition.
The Highland Council's Tooled up for Tick Time provides free tick removal cards and information leaflets as well.
There will be more information provided here throughout the month. In the meantime, please join us in educating the nation to become tick aware and to Wake Up to LymeThank you!

5 Tips for Preventing Tick Bites and Lyme Disease