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The Locavore Chef

“When I first saw the ad for a job in Shetland, my first thought was: Where the hell’s that?” For chef Akshay Borges, the answer was: somewhere very, very different to home. Akshay was brought up in Mumbai, the Indian megacity which is in the top five most densely populated cities on Earth, with more than 70,000 people per square mile. Shetland averages 40 people per square mile, even if most square miles are home to far fewer than that. Sheep outnumber humans by roughly four to one.

Almost nine years later, it’s fair to say that Akshay has settled into Shetland life. When we meet, he’s channeling his original Google search by wearing a brown Fair Isle jumper. At the fishmongers in Scalloway, and walking down Lerwick’s Commercial Street, he seems to know everyone. As he puts it: “I don’t have any family here, so it feels like everyone’s my family.”

More than simply settling in, Akshay has become an unlikely champion of Shetland local produce, especially its seafood, becoming part of a new wave of Shetlanders who are re-evaluating the islands’ natural offerings. In the summer of 2018, he’s set to open The String, a two-storey Lerwick restaurant and live music venue, which celebrates the Shetland tradition of raucous live jams as well as its position as arguably the fishing capital of the UK. - Promote Shetland

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