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Save Glen Etive

Last summer I wrote a post about the threat to beautiful Glen Etive from seven hydro schemes. In that piece I described the glen as "surrounded by fine rugged mountains laced with deep narrow ravines and corries down which tumble fast flowing streams ........ . an area that should be left to become wilder with the pressures of overgrazing and commercial forestry removed not one sacrificed for a tiny smidgeon of energy." Chris Townsend, excerpted from Saving Glen Etive: Action Needed Now

...It is important to stress we are not opposed to renewable energy developments. Our members enjoy being in the mountains, and they are well aware of the impact of climate change.  We objected to three out of the seven proposed developments which we believe will have the biggest impact on the designated Wild Land Area. Our action in this issue demonstrates our support for helping to protect the integrity of the best mountainous landscapes in Scotland... - Stuart Younie, Mountaineering Scotland

Please take a moment to sign and share the 'Leave Glen Etive alone...' petition
UPDATE March 20: Councillors to approve all Glen Etive hydro plans!

UPDATE March 21:This petition will keep going all the way to the Scottish Parliament. Down today but NOT out.
Please contact our Highland Councillors here before March 20th
the Save Glen Etive campaign can be found on Facebook and Twitter

The drone footage was donated last week for the Save Glen Etive campaign. Essentially they would like to see the ones on the designated Wild Land area and National Scenic Area to be stopped, leaving the four schemes sitting within sitka forestry and clearfell to be built. In particular, Allt Mheuran and Allt Ceitlin (the next river to the north) form an absolutely wondrous traverse up Mheuran and that can pick up Ben Starav and Stob Gabhar and then down Ceitlin. If you live in the Highlands, please contact your councillors and put in an objection.

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