r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: 2019

If Only the Walls Could Talk

A short film about growing up in Tongue and Melness and what it means to be 'home'. Filmed with older people at the Kyle Centre in Tongue and the pupils of P6 and 7 at Tongue Primary School. A project with Eden Court Creative, Luminate and North Coast Connection - David Hunter

a photo of The Buachaille during an inversion

For the last 15 years I have visited this mountain to try and get a photo of The Buachaille during an inversion. The forecast the night before suggested these conditions may occur so I was up at 3am and hiking before 6am on a cold, icy morning in the hope of getting a photograph of Buachaille Etive Mor surrounded by fog.... did it happen though??? - Murray Wilkie's Scotland's Mountains

2 Kayaks 2 Lochs 2 Bothies & 4 Seals - Glendhu & Glencoul

Join us on our micro adventure where we kayak into 2 lochs and 2 bothies as we explore and stay the night at Glendhu and Glencoul Bothies - British Coastline

join Scotland this St Andrew's Day by celebrating kindness around the world

People from all over the world are sharing their stories of kindness this St Andrew’s Day. Check out this short film to be inspired, visit our virtual wall of kindness and add your own #onekindact – every gesture of kindness makes a difference. Let’s celebrate human kindness because kindness means the same in every language.. - Scotland Is Now

A Declaration for Independence, 2019

It is the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. (A Claim of Right for Scotland, 1989)
Guiding principles for a new and better Scotland
  • It is the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs, now and in the future. In all political deliberations, decisions and actions their interests should be paramount.
  • Scotland should be an open and democratic society in which no individual is excluded, oppressed or discriminated against on account of their race, colour, faith, origin or place of birth, physical or mental capacity, sex, sexuality, gender or language.
  • Scotland should have a written constitution which clearly lays out the rights of its citizens, the country’s system of government and the relationships that exist between government, its instruments and powers and the rights of individual citizens.
  • Scotland should take its place as an independent country on the world stage, free to join international organisations and alliances for purposes of trade and commerce, and for the protection and care of the planet’s natural environment, without which the human race cannot survive.
  • Scotland should uphold internationally acknowledged values of non-aggression and self-defence, and should refuse to maintain, stock or use, for itself or on behalf of any other power or government, chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction.
  • There should be clear separation of the powers of the Scottish parliament and government (the executive). The judiciary should be completely independent of government.
  • Independence will provide an opportunity to review and, where necessary, change the systems of both national and local government, in order to make them more accountable to the people and more beneficial to their needs.
  • Ownership of land, property and natural resources should be subject to open and democratic scrutiny. The ability of communities, both rural and urban, to own the land in and on which they exist should be enhanced and extended. There should be total transparency in the way property in Scotland is bought, sold or possessed.
  • Freedom of speech and action, and the freedom to work, create, buy, sell and do business should adhere to principles of environmental and communal sustainability and responsibility. Profit and economic growth should not be pursued at the expense of the wellbeing of the people or their habitat or that of other people or nations.
  • We affirm the values of care, kindness, neighbourliness and generosity of spirit in all our dealings. Such values are the foundation stones of a fair, free and open society where all citizens have the opportunities to lead the best, most fulfilling lives they can.
  • It is our belief that the best option now open to the Scottish people is for Scotland to become an independent country.
  • The alternative is to accept that Scotland’s fate would remain in the hands of others and that the Scottish people would relinquish their right to decide their own destiny.
Iain Anderson, broadcaster
Peter Arnott, playwright
Neal Ascherson, journalist and writer
Aly Bain, musician
Margaret Bennett, folklorist and singer
Robert Black QC, Professor Emeritus of Scots Law
Christine Borland, visual artist
Stuart Braithwaite, musician
Calum Colvin, visual artist
Roddy Buchanan, visual artist
Stuart Cosgrove, writer and broadcaster
Brian Cox, actor
Robert Crawford, writer
Sir Tom Devine, Professor Emeritus of Scottish History
Lari Don, writer
Jenni Fagan, writer
Rt. Rev. Richard Holloway, writer and broadcaster
Robert Hodgens, musician
Kathleen Jamie, poet and writer
Jamie Jauncey, writer
A.L. Kennedy, writer
Liz Lochhead, poet, playwright, former Makar
Val McDermid, writer
Jamie MacDougall, singer and broadcaster
Lorraine Mackintosh, actor and singer
Dr. Dolina Maclennan, writer and broadcaster
Aonghas MacNeacail, poet and broadcaster
Dr. Ann Matheson, literary historian
Karen Matheson, singer
Alexander Moffat, artist
Jemma Neville, author
Andrew O’Hagan, writer
Aidan O’Rourke, musician and composer
Don Paterson, poet
Karine Polwart, musician and writer
Eddi Reader, singer
Prof. Alan Riach, poet and academic
James Robertson, writer
Donald Shaw, musician, composer and producer
Ross Sinclair, visual artist
Donald Smith, storyteller
Elaine C. Smith, actor
Alan Spence, writer
Will Storrar, minister and academic
Gerda Stevenson, writer and actor
Sheena Wellington, singer
Prof. Gary West, musician and broadcaster
Ruth Wishart, journalist and broadcaster

In the 2014 independence referendum, 55% of the Scottish people rejected the proposition that Scotland should be an independent country.

Since then, especially since the 2016 referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, the negative consequences of the 2014 result have become stark. (62% of Scots voted to Remain in the EU.)

Brexit demonstrated that while Scotland remains in the UK, its people’s right to determine their own political future can always be overruled by another country with a population ten times greater.
It is abundantly clear that the UK Government considers the desire of a majority of the Scottish people to remain citizens of the EU as irrelevant.

In these circumstances, it is completely reasonable that the Scottish people should revisit the question of independence.

And, given the predicted social and economic damage of Brexit in any form, the Scottish people should be able to vote again as a matter of urgency.

To deny that right is to deny the fundamental democratic principle of the Claim of Right for Scotland (1989) subsequently endorsed by the Scottish Parliament (in 2012) and by the House of Commons (in 2018).

The Scottish people’s right to determine their future should not be frustrated or denied by the UK Government or any other body. - Bella Caledonia
...just a thought for this St Andrew's Day
Latha fèill Anndrais sona dhuibh!
Happy St Andrew's Day to you!

We Are Scotland

Make someone's day this St Andrew's Day!

a film by Ben Moulden

Come join us in celebrating St Andrew's Fair Saturday!

St Andrew's Fair Saturday, a day to boost culture, social causes and the wider celebration of St Andrew's Day.

St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is Scotland’s contribution to the global celebration of Fair Saturday which is a global mobilisation that aims to create a positive social impact following Black Friday, the greatest expression of consumerism. Artists and cultural organisations from all across Scotland and all around the world will get together in a global festival following just one requirement: to support a social cause of their choice and the wider celebration of St Andrew’s day through their show. - Fair Saturday

HMS Pheasant 1917

Fiona Grahame and Martin Laird of The Orkney News Ltd. are raising money for an exhibition to commemorate the men who died when HMS Pheasant was lost off Hoy, Orkney, during World War One. All 89 crew were lost, and their story has never been told until now.

The exhibition will be held at the Northlight Gallery from November 30th 2019. It is taking place in association with St. Andrew's Fair Saturday, and raising funds for Orkney Rape and Sexual Assault Service.

Our ultimate goal is to make a documentary film about the crew of HMS Pheasant. Some research and filming has already taken place. We are currently seeking financial backers for this ambitious project (which may or may not involve crowd-funding at a later date). The exhibition is only the first step. - The Orkney News

I’m Catrìona Black, and I love to tell stories

Catrìona Black, has had a varied and incredibly interesting career which has covered many bases; from journalism, politics and PR to printmaking; from broadcast animation to published picture books and copyediting.

In this interview Catrìona speaks about her career and gives very useful information for those who may be interested in pursuing a career in the creative industries sector.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar's Multimedia Unit are grateful to Catrìona for her time in bringing this resource to fruition. Special thanks also to Moira MacDonald [Head of Education & Outreach (Job share) & Full Circle Project Manager] at An Lanntair for her input. - Dileab Eilean Siar

His Bloody Project

Explore the origins of Graeme Macrae Burnet's Man Booker Prize-shortlisted novel His Bloody Project.

Let the author take you on a journey from his novel's inspirations, the research behind it, and where he was when he found out it had been longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.
Travel to Applecross, the Highland Folk Museum and through the National Library of Scotland's historical archives in the fascinating look into the origins of a modern day classic. - Scottish Book Trust

Film by Jonathan Ley, Useful Content

Part of the Book Week Scotland Digital Festival

Loch Ness Marathon - a monster race!

It's here... the full length video from the 2019 Baxters Loch Ness Marathon & Festival of Running!

Early bird entry is NOW available for the 2020 Loch Ness Marathon, River Ness 10K & 5K, taking place on 4 October 2020. Guaranteed places too.

Be part of it and sign up now - Loch Ness Marathon

Cathy's Bridge

A short film about the Kyle of Tongue Causeway and Bridge opened by Cathy Mackay in 1971. - North Coast Connection

Pìobairean Bhòirnis / Pipers of Bornish

Tha gille òg a’ gabhail ri droch chùmhnant le sithiche eagalach ’san sgeulachd thradiseanta seo. Chaidh seann chlàradh dhen stòraidh a chleachdadh, a lorgadh ann an Stòrlann Sgoil Eòlais na h-Alba.

Chaidh an ceòl tarraingeach a dhèanamh gu sònraichte air son a’ film leis a’ phìobaire ainmeil Ruairidh (òg) Caimbeul, agus chaidh na dealbhan, a tha coltach ri peantadh-ola gluasad, a dheanamh gu digiteach le Catrìona NicilleDhuibh.

Chaidh Pìobairean Bhòrnais a chraoladh air BBC 2 air Diar-Daoin 8 Faoilleach 2004. - Am Bocsa
A young boy makes a pact with a sinister fairy in this traditional Gaelic animated tale. The soundtrack is an old recording of the story, found in the School of Scottish Studies Archive.

The hypnotic musical score was composed and performed especially for the film by renowned piper, Rory Campbell, and the animation, which looks like a moving oil painting, was created digitally by Catrìona Black.
Pìobairean Bhòrnais was broadcast on BBC 2 on 8 January 2004 - Am Bocsa

Bhòrnais/Bornish is a crofting township in South Uist in the Outer Hebrides

Storm 2020

Storm is coming. A ten metre tall mythical goddess of the sea will celebrate Scotland’s shorelines starting with Glasgow’s Celtic Connections 2020. - Vision Mechanics

Scotland’s Year of Coast & Waters

Orkney - 'a smart energy island'

A pioneering £28.5 million project to create a so-called virtual energy system in Orkney, digitally linking renewable generation with consumer demand, is set to get underway in the islands.

The ReFLEX (Responsive Flexibility) initiative aims to make Orkney a ‘smart energy island’, eventually eliminating the need for fossil fuels.

Led by the Orkney-based European Marine Energy Centre, the ReFLEX project draws together a range of local partners, including Orkney Islands Council, power storage specialists Solo Energy, Heriot-Watt University, Community Energy Scotland, and energy and environmental consultants Aquatera. Multi-national energy company, Doosan Babcock, is also involved in its delivery. - ORKNEY.COM

Hunting for Scottish Slabs

"You’re a lot more talented than you think you are." Ben [Gulliver] encourages Noah [Cohen] as we continue driving along the coast during one of our ritualistic morning surf checks. “Yeah, well, it’s not your bones bouncing off the reef,” Noah rebuttals, as Pete and I sit silently in the backseat staring out the window with the rugged headlands of Scotland drifting by and out of view. As a photographer, I have exactly the same mindset as our cinematographer, Ben; there’s no harm in paddling out to have a look. But as a surfer, the idea of paddling out with no guarantee of catching a wave is a mental struggle, not matter how dangerous it appears. It’s all or nothing for them. Ben and I know our boundaries, as Pete [Devries] and Noah know theirs. But our underlying responsibility is to encourage them to push the limits, to go beyond their comfort zone and to embrace the ever constant fear of the unknown. That being said, we can’t push them into something that could very realistically get them hurt. It’s their risk, but our reward. We had already heard stories from locals about a world famous charger who got airlifted out of the same zone, on what was rumored to be only a shoulder-high day…  -  Surfer

Scotland's Year of Coasts and Waters 2020

Chasing Mountain Snow and Turning Back in Wild Weather!

When the first snows hit Scotland's Mountains I always get excited. This adventure is me chasing some of the first snow fall in the Scottish Highlands and making a decision to turn back when the weather was a bit wilder than expected! - Murray Wilkie of Scotland's Mountains

Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas

Prepare For Snow With Mountaineering Scotland
Scottish Mountain Rescue

Beauty Warriors

Our Body Beautiful Exhibition ended a successful run at National Museum of Scotland in 2019 and goes on tour in 2020, with a first stop to the Textile Museum, Borås, Sweden.

It displays examples from fashion creatives who are embracing inclusivity and body positivity, exploring themes such as size, gender, age, race and disability. Learn how the industry is calling into question existing practice, and why becoming more inclusive behind the scenes will ensure a genuine reappraisal of contemporary ideals of beauty.

We were privileged to collaborate with inspiring diversity advocates and fashion influencers to make this exhibition possible. Hear what Sinéad Burke, Jamie Windust, Rob Jones, Mal Burkinshaw and Sequoia Barnes said had to say when they took part in our recent Body Beautiful Round Table. - National Museums Scotland
'Beauty WarriorsInverness artist tackles body image in photography project

Shetland Craft Fair

The Shetland Craft Fair is held every November over three days. It's a busy and popular event, with many local makers and creators showing their products. It's an event locals and visitors love to attend, where we look forward to discovering the diverse and interesting range our local art and craft community have been making over the year. - Promote Shetland

Run Tower Ridge

Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis is one of my favourite Scottish ridge runs. A few years ago I followed my friend and all round mountain goat Michael Tweedley up the ridge and filmed him with my drone.

This film first appeared on the Nevis Landscape Partnership [Vimeo] channel
and we hope it will encourage folk to put in a donation to support the maintenance and improvement of the mountain paths on the mountain and its surroundings. There are donation boxes on the paths themselves or you can donate online here. - Dave MacLeod


Out Skerries is a tiny and remote island east of the Shetland Islands, between Scotland and Norway. With a total population of 64 people, the island has two shops, a one mile long road, a church, a very small airport and no trees. The islanders struggle for the existence of their livelihood as they are forced to relocate themselves the mainland. 
Kensington's official music video for the single Ghosts, featured on album Vultures. - Juriaan Booij

Now at Peace

written last November on the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war - Steve Carter

That Old Atlantic Sky


In Memoriam

Private D. Sutherland
killed in action in the German trench, May 16, 1916,
and the others who died

So you were David’s father,

And he was your only son,

And the new-cut peats are rotting

And the work is left undone,

Because of an old man weeping,

Just an old man in pain,

For David, his son David,

That will not come again.

Oh, the letters he wrote you,

And I can see them still,

Not a word of the fighting,

But just the sheep on the hill

And how you should get the crops in

Ere the year get stormier,
And the Bosches have got his body,

And I was his officer.

You were only David’s father,

But I had fifty sons

When we went up in the evening

Under the arch of the guns,

And we came back at twilight – 

O God! I heard them call

To me for help and pity

That could not help at all.

Oh, never will I forget you,

My men that trusted me,

More my sons than your fathers’,
For they could only see

The little helpless babies 

And the young men in their pride.
They could not see you dying,

And hold you while you died.

Happy and young and gallant,

They saw their first-born go,

But not the strong limbs broken

And the beautiful men brought low,

The piteous writhing bodies,

The screamed ‘Don’t leave me, Sir’,

For they were only your fathers

But I was your officer.

E Alan Mackintosh

Remember the real reason WWI ended

Official remembrance by the state and politicians obscures this history of revolution and forgets the ordinary soldiers and workers who ended the war by turning on their own governments.

'the stab in the back'
'Objectors & Resisters'
'Peace tree' memorial

24 Hours of Peace

Lest We Forget - First World War: Refugees Then and Now

Did you know that thousands of Belgian refugees came to Scotland during the First World War from 1914 - 1918?
100 years on, a group of refugees and local Scots share what they’ve discovered about this hidden heritage and draw parallels with their own experiences of re-building their lives in Scotland today.  - Scottish Refugee Council

A Donation Day for refugee camps will be held in Portree later this month.
The event is organised by SleatFugees, who are looking for donations of winter clothing for adults and children, shoes, school stationary and craft items, blankets, new underwear, baby items, Moses baskets and prams, nappies, as well as tents and camping equipment.
They have asked that all items are clean and of the same quality found in a UK charity shop.
They told Skye Times Online: "We are also looking for help on the day - an hour or two or all day if you can.
"All aid will be packed, uplifted and will head to Refugee camps most likely in Greece."
Tea, coffee and baking will be available on the day.
The event will take place on Saturday 30 November at Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Rìgh between 11am - 3pm. - The Skye Times

St Andrew's Fair Saturday

After Black Friday, thousands of artists and cultural organisations around the world get together in a unique festival and support social causes through their show. On 30 November 2019, Scotland is joining the celebration of Fair Saturday as part of the wider celebration St Andrew’s Day and everyone is invited to take part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.
St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is a Scottish Government initiative which is being delivered by the Fair Saturday Foundation.
Through a programme of events and activities right across the country, St Andrew’s Fair Saturday contributes to the global Fair Saturday movement and the celebration of St Andrew’s Day and is a key component of a co-ordinated drive to boost social inclusion, fairness and sharing inspired by Scotland’s National Day. - St Andrew's Fair Saturday


Tha Cathy NicDhòmhnaill a' leantainn ceumannan gaisgeach na nobhail Kidnapped.
Cathy MacDonald follows in the footsteps of the hero of the novel 'Kidnapped'.

Perfectly Flawed

a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of Susan Crawford's book, The Vintage Shetland Project, an exploration of 27 pieces from the Textile Archive of the Shetland Museum. The film documents the photo shoots for the book which took place on the beautiful remote island of Vaila, off the coast of Shetland. A location which became much more than just the backdrop for the photographs, but an inspiration for the whole project. The film shows the stunning locations, and a sneak peek at the incredible jumpers which will be inside the book, showing how the scenery and history of Shetland is reflected in the patterns, colours and designs in the knitwear. - Susan Crawford Vintage

60° North – The Shetland Islands

60° North – The Shetland Islands is the final film I made for my Master of Arts degree in Wildlife Documentary Production. I spent a month on the islands, documenting the wildlife’s daily routines and compressing some of the inhabitant’s key activities into a short, eleven minute film. - James A R Salisbury

Rosemarkie Man

RANT, from their new album The Portage

The name 'The Portage' comes from a composition of Bethany Reid's relating to her home village of Quarff in Shetland, which translates as 'the portage' in Old Norse.

Rosemarkie Man

When Day Is Done

Sorrow remembers us when day is done.
It sits in its old chair gently rocking
and singing tenderly in the evening.
It welcomes us home again after the day.
It is so old in its black silken dress,
its stick beside it carved with legends.
It tells its stories over and over again.
After a while we have to stop listening.

Iain Crichton Smith, from New Collected Poems

As Time Draws Near

As time draws near
the end of our days
and the plates fall

away from our knees,
let us not be afraid
of the unsponsored dark.

Heavy grave sin
is weighing your head.
There are shining in darkness

panoramas of terror.
Each nightly picture
is God in his ire.

But for us in autumn
let the trees remind us
of our reasonable sequence,

that like birds we travel
from darkness to darkness
briefly through the hall,

where there remains
the clinking of glasses,
the redness of wine,

though we lie starkly
in our effigies
which will not rise,

pen or sword in hand.
It is an achieved grand
tableau that we leave,

say, turning at the door,
putting on a glove,
and entering the sunset’s

enormous concert.
Surely that is better
than on stumbling feet

in the warmth of wetness
squalidly survive.
Live O live,

all you young ones
who take our places
in this hypothesis

of sun and cloud.
May it be with pride
we applaud your litheness

in this panorama,
this drama of our days.
O yes with pride

that we step outwards
into the darkness
closing our eyes

on the last flickering page.

It is time to let the birds migrate without anguish
through the skies of the immediate
towards a fated destination.

It is time to turn the blow lamp on dogma
and inhabit this blue.

Iain Crichton Smith, from New Collected Poems

Cold Bone River

Filmed in Finnich Glen. - Beluga Lagoon

the Thurso witches

In this video the case of the Thurso Witches of Caithness  is explored. A Scrabster man had been plagued by cats and accused three local women of being witches who had transformed themselves into the creatures in the early 18th century. - Valerie Forsyth

The Ghosts of Skaill

Built on an ancient Pictish burial ground, Skaill House is said to be a hotbed for supernatural activity and several ghosts have been seen or heard in the house.

For more ghost stories, fascinating facts and spooky events from around Scotland go to VisitScotland


...Explaining the story behind the track, [Erland] Cooper says: "Shalder is the local Orcadian dialect for the Oystercatcher; other [names] include the Skolder, Cholder, Chaldro, Skeldro, Scottie & Sea Pie! It’s a stocky, wader bird with a long, orange bill and pinkish legs. I recall sitting on the bench at the Bay of Skaill watching them scoot around like kids with a football, kicking up the sand in search of cockles & mussels. I often reflect on that if I’m sat on the London underground.... - The Skinny

Halloween on Ness Islands

The Inverness Winter Festival returns this weekend with thousands of spectators expected to attend one of Scotland’s biggest annual community fancy dress events - The Highland Council’s Halloween Show on Ness Islands...


celebrating over 30 years of Fèis Rois

A short film celebrating the 30 years of Fèis Rois.

A wee flavour of the weekly classes we offer in Evanton, Fortrose, Dingwall and Ullapool.

Why Thurso's waves make it Britain's surfing mecca

The science of Thurso's amazing waves explained, with thoughts from former British Surfing Champion Sam Lamiroy on what makes them so perfect for riding.

Thurso East Spot Guide

Surfers hope cancelled Highland Surf Festival will take place next year

Glen Affric: a landscape worth restoring

Narrated by acclaimed cameraman and filmmaker Gordon Buchanan, this five-minute film  celebrates 60 years of forest restoration in the glen and highlights the opportunities for wildlife and the local economy going forward. - Trees For Life

Lochs, Mountains & Light

Driving around Scotland in a van is an experience that surpassed expectations, even though they were high to begin with.

The reason for the trip was a location recce for an upcoming short film project, it's safe to say we found some stunning locations.
We had only 6 days. It just wasn't enough. There is so much to see and I just wanted to stop and take it all in. - Adam Stocker

Below The Blanket

Marking twenty-five years of ‘ravishing the senses’, Cryptic presents Below the Blanket, a series of new artworks installed throughout the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and inspired by one of Scotland’s most extraordinary and unsung natural features.

The Flow Country is the world’s largest blanket bog, a vast mass of peat and Sphagnum moss, shot through with hundreds of lochs, that covers 200,000 hectares in Caithness and Sutherland. Home to many rare animals, birds, insects and plants, the peat also acts as a natural store for carbon, helping to offset the effects of climate change.

Under the Creative Direction of Cathie Boyd, artists Kathy Hinde, Luci Holland, Hannah Imlach, Heather Lander, Matthew Olden and composer Malcolm Lindsay have made work responding to the Flow Country’s wildlife and soundscape, the gradual process of peat formation, and even the way the blanket bog ‘breathes’ as it expands and contracts. Visitors to the gardens will encounter artworks that are evocative, contemplative and beautiful – and will come away enlightened about this unique Scottish landscape. - Cryptic

The Flow Country / Dùthaich nan Boglaichean

The Flow Country is a large, rolling expanse of peatland and wetland area of Caithness and Sutherland in Scotland. It is the largest expanse of blanket bog in Europe, and covers about 4,000 square kilometres. The area is home to a rich variety of wildlife, and is used as a breeding ground for many different species of birds, including greenshank, dunlin, merlin and golden plover. - Cryptic



Thugainn / Come With Me

O thugainn còmhla rium,
Thugainn ri mo thaobh,
Bu mhath leam a bhith a’ tàmh am fianais do ghàire,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

O thugainn còmhla rium,
Thugainn ri mo thaobh,
Cumaidh mise blàth thu gus an tig an latha,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

O thugainn còmhla rium,
Chan fhalbhainn gu bràth ma bheir thu dhomh do làmh,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

O thugainn còmhla rium,
Thogainn fonn gu h-àrd nan tigeadh tu nam rathad,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò ro-ò, Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò rò eile

O thugainn còmhla rium,
‘S gum fàg sinn soraidh-slàn le briseadh-crìdhe ‘s cràdh
Thugainn còmhla rium.

O thugainn còmhla rium,
Nar laighe air an tràigh, mi fhìn ‘s solas m’ àigh,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò ro-ò, Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò rò eile

Coma leat cò theireadh e,
Cha chèilinn-sa mo rùin,
Seinnidh mi mo mhiann,
‘s tu bhith leam mo nighean ruadh.

O thugainn còmhla rium,
Gur mise bha fo sgàil air sgaradh bho do ghràdh,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

O thugainn còmhla rium,
‘s aighearach mo shaoghal bhon thug thu dhomh do ghaol,
Thugainn còmhla rium.

Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò ro-ò, Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò rò eile
Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò ro-ò, Hìl-a-rò, hìl-a-rì, Hìl-a-rò, hoireann ò rò eile

Come With Me

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
I’d like to be at ease in the presence of your smile,
Come along with me.

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
I’ll keep you warm till the day breaks,
Come along with me.

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
I’ll never leave if you give me your hand,
Come along with me.

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
I’d raise a tune on high if you’d come my way,
Come along with me.

Chorus (Vocables)

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
We’ll bid farewell to heartbreak and pain,
Come along with me.

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
Both lying on the shore, me and the light of my joy,
Come along with me.

Chorus (Vocables)

Never you mind who may say it,
I won’t hide my intention,
I’ll sing of my desire:
You to be with me, my red-haired girl.

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
A shadow hung over me, separated from my love,
Come along with me.

Oh come along with me,
Come along beside me,
Joyful is my world, since you gave me your love,
Come along with me.

Chorus (Vocables) x2


Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Thigibh beò sa Ghàidhlig.
Thig is ionnsaich mu ar cùrsaichean ceuma agus beatha nan oileanach aig Latha Fosgailte SMO air Dihaoine 1mh Samhain.
Clàraich an-seo.

(Chaidh seo a chlàradh aig an t-Seachdain Inntrigidh. Le taing do Niteworks airson a’ chiùil.)

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(This was filmed during our Freshers’ week. Many thanks to Niteworks for the use of their track.) - SMO TV

Ticks and Lyme Disease in Scotland

Dr Roger Evans Consultant Clinical Scientist, Scottish Lyme Disease and other Tick-borne Infections Reference Laboratory presents a short podcast for practitioners highlighting some key areas in relation to Ticks and Lyme disease. NHS Education for Scotland

Fall tick season is in full swing and so are popular outdoors activities, whether hiking in the woods to enjoy the peak leaf season, raking, or taking the dog out for a walk through the park.

But fall also brings unwelcome visitors: adult black-legged or deer ticks that can transmit Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. While ticks are commonly found in heavily wooded areas, they also thrive in backyard grasses, gardens, unmanicured hedges and leaf litter. In fact, experts say that the majority of people who develop tick-borne diseases came in contact with the tick that made them sick right in their own backyards.- Global Lyme Disease

Last Respects

As autumn lights the Scottish Highlands, feuding brothers Richard and Danny Drummond road trip into the wilderness of 'Whiskey Country’ to carry out the last request of their late father. In order to receive their inheritance they must sprinkle the cherished contents of a prized bottle of single malt onto his final resting place before 10am on his next birthday. Distilled into twenty-four hours, this comically dark drama drives the estranged men into close quarters and towards an unexpected twist. - LastRespectsFilm

Into the West with Capercaillie


The Proposed National Islands Plan / Am Moladh Plana nan Eilean Nàiseanta

After much consultation and the passing of the Islands Act, Scotland’s draft Islands Plan has now been produced. Historic Moment as National Islands Plan is Launched
This is an active document and the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee (RECC) of the Scottish Parliament wishes to hear the views of islanders on the Plan and its 13 strategic objectives... - The Orkney News
Islanders can send in their views here: Proposed National Islands Plan – Call for views_AB_GC

Torridon: Alligin. Dearg. Eighe. Liathach

Beinn Alligin
Beinn Dearg
Beinn Eighe

Edges of Sanity

It’s been said
On far shores, weary mariners hear voices
Songs so beautiful they cast a spell
There is no choice but to hear...
Dan Crockett

a film by Chris McClean

For the Opening of the Scottish Parliament, 9 October 2004

Open the doors! Light of the day, shine in; light of the mind, shine out!
We have a building which is more than a building.
There is a commerce between inner and outer, between brightness and shadow,
between the world and those who think about the world.
Is it not a mystery? The parts cohere, they come together like petals of a flower,
yet they also send their tongues outward to feel and taste the teeming earth.
Did you want classic columns and predictable pediments? A growl of old Gothic
grandeur? A blissfully boring box?
Not here, no thanks! No icon, no IKEA, no iceberg, but curves and caverns, nooks
and niches, huddles and heavens, syncopations and surprises. Leave symmetry to the cemetery.
But bring together slate and stainless steel, black granite and grey granite,
seasoned oak and sycamore, concrete blond and smooth as silk – the mix is
almost alive – it breathes and beckons – imperial marble it is not!

Come down the Mile, into the heart of the city, past the kirk of St Giles and the
closes and wynds of the noted ghosts of history who drank their claret and
fell down the steep tenements stairs into the arms of link-boys but who
wrote and talked the starry Enlightenment of their days –
And before them the auld makars who tickled a Scottish king’s ear with melody
and ribaldry and frank advice –
And when you are there, down there, in the midst of things, not set upon an hill
with your nose in the air,
This is where you know your parliament should be
And this is where it is, just here.

What do the people want of the place? They want it to be filled with thinking persons
as open and adventurous as its architecture.
A nest of fearties is what they do not want.
A symposium of procrastinators is what they do not want.
A phalanx of forelock-tuggers is what they do not want.
And perhaps above all the droopy mantra of ‘it wizny me’ is what they do not want.

Dear friends, dear lawgivers, dear parliamentarians, you are picking up a thread of
pride and self-esteem that has been almost but not quite, oh no not quite,
not ever broken or forgotten.
When you convene you will be reconvening, with a sense of not wholly the power,
not yet wholly the power, but a good sense of what was once in the honour
of your grasp.
All right. Forget, or don’t forget, the past. Trumpets and robes are fine, but in the
present and the future you will need something more.
What is it? We, the people, cannot tell you yet, but you will know about it when
we do tell you.
We give you our consent to govern, don’t pocket it and ride away.
We give you our deepest dearest wish to govern well, don’t say we have no
mandate to be so bold.
We give you this great building, don’t let your work and hope be other than great
when you enter and begin.
So now begin. Open the doors and begin.

Edwin Morgan