r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: Cúchulainn


Cúchulainn focuses on climber and writer Ian ’Spike’ Sykes, whose life has been shaped by the Scottish Highlands and his experiences in the RAF Mountain Rescue team.
Shot in a variety of locations across Skye, from the dark walls of Garbh Corrie to the striking pinnacles of the Basteir Tooth, the film’s poignancy centres around a remote corner of the island, tucked below the Dubhs in the Coruisk Memorial Hut. Spike reflects on his love of Scotland, his affinity with the wild ridge line, and his memories of the tragic mountain rescue call out that took place over the New Year of 1963. The film also invites us to reflect on the poignancy of the setting by featuring a rendition by Spike on the banjo performing ‘The Grand Old Masters’, a folk song written by the late Tom Patey as a homage to his closest climbing friends including Jimmy Marshall and Don Whillans. - Coldhouse Collective
Live it up, fill your cup, drown your sorrow
And sow your wild oats while ye may
For the toothless old tykes of tomorrow
Were the Tigers of Yesterday

as sung by Tom Patey, from The Last of the Grand Old Masters

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