r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: June 2018

worse than Trump's golf course*

A beautiful stretch of Scotland’s coastline is about to be destroyed - by yet another golf course. Highland council have ignored the advice of their own planning committee, environmental scientists, and almost 90,000 of us. They’ve given US billionaires the green light to build a golf course, forever destroying a breathtaking landscape.

Thankfully the Highland council don’t get the last say on this. The final decision lies with the Scottish government. Together we’ve got the power to make sure they step in and save Scotland’s unique coastline. But we need to act fast - the window for the government to intervene is closing fast.

If thousands of us
 email the Scottish government to demand they listen to environmental experts and the people of Scotland and block the plans, they’ll have to act. Thousands of us calling for our breathtaking landscapes to be put before the profits of American billionaire golfers will be impossible to ignore.-  
Scotland doesn’t need more golf courses, it needs its treasured natural landscapes to be protected. - 38 Degrees

The World Commission on Protected Areas insists the golf course will destroy the integrity of rare coastal habitats. - BBC Scotland
... the site where the proposed course will be developed includes part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest – SSSI.  However, as well as this protection it is also a Special Protection Area – SPA , which is an EU directive that is meant to force EU member states to protect the habitats of migratory birds and certain other endangered birds. On top of these two designations it is also a site covered by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. Yes “of international importance.” - Alex Tiffin, The Orkney News

*The Dunes

The Forest is Moving / Tha a’ Choille a’ Gluasad

Thinking with the Black Wood: We want to talk about the Black Wood of Rannoch Scotland. A forest rated for its old trees and exemplary biodiversity that is also an iconic cultural ecosystem a living thing that shapes culture as surely as culture shapes it. We want to consider the historic moment when the Black Wood was saved by science, and the need for renewed public interest as a result of that on-going success. Finally we will touch on the ideas that ‘the forests are on the move’ and what that might mean for people in Rannoch, Perthshire and Scotland. - Collins & Goto

Èigh Dheireannach

San Departure Lounge airson
Barraigh ‘s Beinn a’ Bhaghla,
Cailleach thapaidh leatha fhèin a’ feitheamh
Ris an èigh dheireannaich
Agus guth gu h-àrd ag iarraidh mathanais
Leis gu bheil maill’ ann.

Bidh a’ chailleach ga cromadh fhèin
Is ag ràdh ri neach
Nach eil san làthair fon teanga:
Coma leat, a luaidh!
Cho cinnteach ris a’ bhàs,
Thig i uair no uaireigin.

Final Call

In the Departure Lounge –
it’s all the one
terminal and zone –
for Lewis and Harris,
a hardy old cailleach waits on
the final call on her own
and a voice out of nowhere
from above apologises for the delay.

The cailleach turns
and says in Gaelic to someone
who’s not there, under her breath:

Don’t you worry.
Sure as death,
it’ll come sometime.

Rody Gorman, from Southlight, 4

The '24/8'

Established by Dave MacLeod on the 19th March 2018, the '24/8' might be one of the hardest all-round climbing challenges around; an 8A boulder, 8a sport route, E8 trad route, VIII,8 winter route and 8 Munros, all in under 24 hours. - Kevin Woods

The Isle of Love

The Isle of Love is a bittersweet tale of love, loss, recovery and discovery infused with the quirky lyrical genius of Adam Ross’ music.
The play addresses the beauty and restorative qualities of island life and also explores why people choose to visit, to remain, to depart and to return.   - An Lanntair

Sad Day we left the Croft

"Sad Day we left the Croft", recorded on the Isle of Lewis by Noel Eadie. Noel was way ahead of his time, setting up an 8 track home studio in his garage in the late 1970's. At that time nothing like this existed anywhere near Lewis. Many local artists recorded there, with several L.P.'s being released. This is the story of one of these albums, a compilation of songs mostly by the young punks of their time. High energy guitar led tunes, intellectual progressive indy and a couple of smooth mainstream AOR songs. Fiona Mackenzie talks to the key people involved, and watches new performances by some of the original artists who reformed their bands for the programme. After Noel closed the studio there were no recording facilities on Lewis for a long long time. The studio equipment was dismantled and stored in the attic for over thirty years. The studio desk has been serviced and is now installed and recording a new generation of Lewis musicians in a home studio belonging to Colin Macleod.  - Kenny Stewart

Little Loch Shin

One minute in the life of Little Loch Shin in the village of Lairg, Sutherland, featuring the Broon's Hoose, inspired by the holiday cottage owned by the Sunday Post's favourite family. Originally part of a float made for the annual gala week several years ago, it reappeared on an island in the loch, and is regularly refurbished. I was told it once enjoyed a conservatory and a satellite dish, although these were later removed because they contravened planning regulations. When the level of the loch rises it is often submerged and there is an ongoing battle for compensation. Every Christmas it is decorated with lights.
 - From Scottish Minutes (Scottish Minutes) - an ongoing series of one-minute films dwelling on the sights and sounds of a Scotland that often slips along unnoticed.