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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

It's that time of year again, dear readers. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.
Each year, more of us are being infected with one or more tick-borne diseases. For too many of us, diagnosis is still coming far too late, or not at all.  Lyme Disease UK's  Wake Up To Lyme campaign aims to raise awareness and prevent further Lyme infections this year. Will you join us in whatever way you can?
Watch this space over the coming weeks for more information about borreliosis (Lyme Disease) and other tick-borne diseases, and what you can do to help yourself and others in your community wherever you live.
In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine because elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease. This has resulted in needless suffering of many individuals who deteriorate and sometimes die for lack of timely application of treatment or denial of treatment beyond some arbitrary duration."

- Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D. in a letter to the Institute of Medicine published in "In the Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease: Collected Writings & Associated Materials", Oct 2015.

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