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Old Photograph

It is VE Night, Tobermory.
Cottages blaze and shimmer in the mirror of the bay.
Light is necklaced everywhere,
on the cross-trees of destroyers,
on the hulls of every cockleshell and scalloper afloat,
even on the gutted snout of a U-Boat,
but there are shadows, to imagine
the black and frozen water
and the land, lonely of men,
from Sunart to Mers-El-Kebir.

Daisy chained by sailors, three WAAFs
pose for a photograph.
Her friends are grinning, wide-eyed,
but my mother's smile is dying
and she's turned away
to the sound of the waves,
as if she could sense my father,
whose war would never cease,
limping inexorably back to her
across the oil scarred sea.

Hugh McMillan, from After the Storm


abby said...

beautiful words and photo, as always. Hope all good with you. I update my 'about me' with pics every week (or try to. I know you liked them! Off this week to London to see the Queen...! Mo senses my imminent departure and is sulking!x

joo said...

As usually I'm impressed!
Have a great week ahead:)

ER said...

My apologies, Abby and Joo, i've not been visiting. These posts have been 'hit and run' for a while now. But hopefully i'll be getting some down time soon. I look forward to seeing your pics. :)