r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: Where Truth Lies

Where Truth Lies

Maps, once made,
leave the impression of a place gone dead.

Words, once said,
anchor the swirlings in the head.

Vows, once taken,
waste in the shadows of a time forsaken.

Oh, understand
how the mind's landscape grows from shifting sand,

how where we are
is half on solid ground, half head-in-air,

a twilit zone
where changing flesh and changing ghost are one,

and what is true
lies between you and the idea of you -

a friction,
restless, between the fact and the fiction.



Olivier Gachassin said...

Very poetic, I like.

veredit said...

This is so wonderful, just fantastic! Thank you, dear Lizzie!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely, as usual.
Thanks so very much for my sweet birthday wish. I had a wonderful one.

Ange said...

zing and reflects it wellLizzy, that is one WISE poet. Your photo is amazing and reflects the verse very appropriately!

ER said...

Thanks everybody. I particularly like the line'...and what is true lies between you and the idea of you...'. I can think of a lot of things and people this could apply to in my own life. I feel like Alastair Reid's insights are uncanny.

A wise poet, indeed, Ange. ;)

donnie said...

wow - the texture works wonders with this pic:)))

ER said...

I think i know why, Donnie. This photo was taken with a Sony Mavica, which responds very differently to textures. :)

Andrei said...

Hi, Lizzie. What beautiful, poetic photos you have here!... :)

ER said...

Thank you, Andrei, and welcome! If you like these photos, please check out those of the other bloggers here. :)