r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: morning tide

morning tide

...the beach sloped in clean grey-blue stones rounded and smooth, some no bigger than his fist, but some larger than his head. As he stepped on them they slithered and rolled with a sea noise. The noise rose up and roared upon the dusk like a wave. All around no life was to be seen, there was no movement but the sea's.

Neil M. Gunn, from Morning Tide


joo said...

I lke the sea stones, always bring them from my trips - of course have couple from Skye:)
Nice quotation and nice photo!
You asked about this wooden cross. I took the photo in a kind of Holly Place for Lemks and I think it's a cross left by pilgrims there.
Hope spring has arrived for good to your place:)
Have a great week ahead!

Carol said...

Brings back memories of my mother hauling beach rocks home to our house when I was a youngster :)

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of the stony beach at Elgol on Skye. There's a whole afternoon's geology lesson lying on that multi-coloured strand.

amatamari© said...

A great effect: beautiful photos!

Neil Tasker said...

As soon as I saw 'morning tide' on my bloglist, I knew you'd have a Neil Gunn quotation Lizzy.......You didn't disappoint me! Makes me think of the stony beaches on Harris.... I have some of them on my fireplace. Lovely post.

ER said...

Joo, DB, and Neil...you don't know how close you are! I shot this on the beach in Torrin on Skye. And it was always just as Gunn describes here. DB, i found chunks of lava on the beach in Camasunary. Can you imagine my excitement!

Joo, Carol and Neil, every place i visit, i find a rock and bring it home, too. What an incredible way to remember a place. Stone voices.

Thank you for the information about the cross, Joo. There are signs of Spring, here and there. No lambkins yet though.

Thank you, amatamari! :)