r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: Stumba


A transit crawls up on stealthy tyres—

byres bump shore on breakers of fog,

gates pause on hinges of fog,

a cat is crayoned on a throne of fog,

and leaning from the cab in shirt-sleeves,

one elbow rowing the visible air,

it is so mild, he says, as fog

consolidates his stacked, white hair.

Jen Hadfield

'stumba' is Shetlandic for 'a thick mist'


Julie@beingRUBY said...

I love each and every image you post on your blog.. are they your own? [besides this one]

Sorry I haven't been commenting.. I see you pics pop up in my google reader but I've been so busy with a work project I've basically become a bad blogger... hopefully will be able to keep up with your posts in the future. .. Julie

Gerry Boyd said...

a lovely write.

Ken Mac said...

Finally!!! A Scotland photo and essay blog. Excellent!

Martina said...

A very nice lightened photo --- and now I have a new word when it's misty around here, ha!
Wondering how to pronounce it, though ....

ER said...

Hello Julie! Yes, these images are my own, except for my profile pic which my dad took of me as a child. I'm so glad you're enjoying them. My love letters to the Highlands and Islands. Speaking of which, i haven't written any tales lately, been too busy. But with all the great writers out there, i always find a poem that suits the photo perfectly...or vice-versa.;)
Don't worry about commenting, Julie, i've been lurking more than writing myself. That time of year, i reckon.

Gerry, hello and welcome! Jen Hadfield is a fantastic poet. And she has a blog, if you're interested. I have it listed under the Writer's Block section. All sorts of Highland and Island writing there.

Ken, thank you for stopping by! If you like all things Highlands and Islands then you've come to the right place. I'm still looking for and finding more local blogs and links. I hope you'll come back and explore. :)

Thank you, Martina. We've been hit with heavy frost and freezing fog of late. Would you believe that this photo was taken at half 10 in the morning? The only thing visible was that part of the river! Great word, stumba. ;)

Anonymous said...

found your blog yesterday.
Added it to my reader.
Just read every post.
Captivated by every picture.

will-Art said...

Misty and mystic too...

ER said...

Hello Karen and welcome. Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments. Just wait till you explore the other blogs!