r2vyln3rdioj14u-rld0ska where mountains meet the sea: Moment musical in Assynt

Moment musical in Assynt

A mountain is a sort of music: theme
And counter theme displaced in air amongst
Their own variations.
Wagnerian Devil signed the Coigach score;
And God was Mozart when he wrote Cul Mor.

You climb a trio when you climb Cul Beag.
Stac Polly - there's a rondo in seven sharps,
Neat as a trivet.
And Quinag, ralletando in the haze,
Is one long tune extending phrase by phrase.

I listen with my eyes and see through that
Mellifluous din of shapes my masterpiece
Of masterpieces:
One sandstone chord that holds up time in space -
Sforzando Suilven reared on his ground bass.

Norman MacCaig


Martina said...

That is a beautifully composed and coloured photo. I like the lighting on the mountain's peek.

Gardendiggers said...

Absolutely perfect light, colour and words. I'm deeply impressed, again :-)

donnie said...

beautiful golden light