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Autumn's Coming

What a fantastic morning/afternoon hike up to Glencoe and Stob Dearg. It was a cold, wet, autumn morning but I managed to convince myself to get out of the car. Glencoe is often considered the gate way to the highlands of Scotland and what a gateway it is! Towering mountains make for breath-taking photos and make landscape photography and hiking a joy! - Michael Barr

Dalriada Gaelic

Àdhamh Ó Broin, linguistic activist and Gaelic consultant on Outlander, talks about his work to revive an Argyllshire dialect of Gaelic, and the need for a connection to cultural identity through language that will hold you in good stead in this globalised world.

Gáidhlig Dhail Riada

Speaking Our Language
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

BBC Alba
BBC Radio nan Gàidheal

Join the Global Climate Strikes

We’re in the midst of a crisis. Our economic system, the relentless burning of fossil fuels and extraction of resources has pushed us to the brink of irreversible disaster. The scientific warnings could not be clearer and the evidence of these impacts is unfolding around the world, disproportionately affecting those that have contributed least to the crisis. As the government continues to fail to take action, wildfires, droughts, severe flooding, tropical storms and cyclones are devastating communities with increasing severity.
The pursuit of growth at all costs and continuous profit-seeking has had little regard for the majority of people or nature, nor the land, water or air we all rely upon. Those who have historically done least to cause the climate crisis, remain on the frontline of its impacts and continue to suffer first and worst.
Climate breakdown and the destruction of the natural world is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Such a challenge requires a solution equally great to meet it head on. To emerge from the climate crisis requires bold thinking that moves beyond what has been previously thought possible and into what is necessary.
We’re at a critical point in human history. We require concerted, organised and mass action immediately. Collectively we must force our elected representatives and those in positions of power to act with the urgency and ambition to implement the solutions to the climate crisis and social and economic injustices. We must take to the streets to show the power and passion of our movement.
Our solutions must be grounded in climate justice. Our solutions must reshape our world and reorient our economies and societies along environmental and social principles.
We demand justice, equity, clean air, water, land and a future.  We demand a rapid elimination of emissions as soon as possible, in a way that’s fair for all. We want a Green New Deal. We want to see our views and voices heard in the halls of power, we want action now! - UK Student Climate Network Statement

Find your nearest climate strike

Richard Murphy on a Green New Deal for Scotland and his video presentation here

Back a Climate Emergency Bill

Great Glen Canoe Trail

The trip shown here follows the Great Glen Canoe Trail along the Caledonian Canal from coast to coast starting in Fort William and finishing in the Highland capital, Inverness.

Basking Shark Migration

GPS tracking reveals basking shark migration  between Scotland's Sea of the Hebrides and the Canary Islands. - Scottish Wildlife Trust

Still We Dance On

How many feet have walked this road
Whose shadow stretched on the path before me
And how many more are still to come and make their own way
And still we dance on

The choices made affect us all
But only few will seek the answer
And fewer still will risk the fall to make their own way
And still we dance on

Falling, falling, still we dance on
Falling, falling, still we dance on
Falling, falling, still we dance on
Falling, falling, falling

Riches gained can build a wall
But riches stored in hearts are stronger
Stones of gold will some day fade to show our own way
And still we dance on

Falling, falling, still we dance on
Falling, falling, still we dance on
Falling, falling, still we dance on
Falling, falling, falling

And still we dance on

Emily Smith, from her album Traiveller's Joy
The footage was recorded in Ekaterinburg, Russia in October 2010

a short film about Emily Smith

Outer Hebrides: Scalpay

Islay-born Heather Dewar has travelled the world but, like most islanders, the only island she really knows is her own.
In the eight part BBC ALBA series ‘Eileanan Fraoich’, Heather leaves the comfort and familiarity of Islay to explore eight thriving and diverse island communities.

Audience of Souls

Audience of souls I'll sit here before you
And I'll sing to you a song
Sing to you a song
Absent of words, I'll learn from the birds
And I'll sing to you a song
Sing to you a song

Lend to me your ear for I know you have the time
And I'll tell you some news
Tell you some news
Been away too long your friends have moved on
So I'll tell you some news
Tell you some news

You can't shake my hand or look me in the eye
But you're glad that I came
Glad that I came
You can't see my face or my name place
But you're glad that I came
Glad that I came
So glad that I came
You're glad that I came

Warmth from the sun it colours my skin
Means nothing to you
Nothing to you
You're sheltered from pain, touched only by the rain
Means nothing to you
Nothing to you

Offerings we leave, what are they worth?
Do they mean much to you?
Mean much to you?
The comfort that it gives to the heart of a friend
Does it mean much to you?
Mean much to you?

From wisdom that you've gained, what advice would you give me?
And what would you change?
What would you change?
If you had your life again would you live it the same?
Tell me what would you change?
What would you change?

If you had your life again
Would you live it the same?
Tell me what would remain?
And what would you change?

Audience of souls I'll sit here before you
And I'll sing to you a song
Sing to you a song

Emily Smith, from Too Long Away

As An Eilean / From the Island

Scottish drama in which a gifted boy who is preparing to leave his island home to go to university on the mainland falls madly in love with a girl from the neighbouring village. Similarly, his teacher, involved in a photographic study of village life, becomes preoccupied with the young island nurse. Together the stories reflect the fragile balance of human relationships in an isolated rural community. - BBC Alba

Sounds like Scotland

You can touch and see Scotland’s past… now’s your chance to listen to it. The Scotland’s Sounds network proudly presents Sounds like Scotland, a short animated soundtrack featuring clips from 12 audio collections held across the country from Lewis to Aberdeen and from Inverness to the Borders. Please find the full list of clips on Scotland's Sounds

The archive recordings span from 1909 to 2017 and were made on a host of weird and wonderful formats – wax cylinders, wire, shellac discs, open reel tape, cassettes and digital media. Have a listen in to Scotland’s past through birdsong, music, spoken memories and more… - National Library of Scotland

Mastermind: an Interview with Denis Mann

North Lands Creative Founder Member Denis Mann has engraved the trophy awarded to the winner of the BBC Mastermind quiz show.

Watch as North Lands Creative Founding Director, Aline Gunn finds out more about Denis and his amazing, intricate designs.

Filmed and Edited by Angus Mackay

Hen Harriers - sculpture by Helen Denerley

A short film about art, inspiration and creativity, made for the National Museum of Scotland, following the development of a piece of work by the Scottish sculptor Helen Denerley, who uses recycled, scrap metal to create spectacular works of art inspired by the natural world.

Art North
'Positive Space' Kilmorack Gallery

Be inspired

by Orkney

‘The Great Music: An Introduction to Pibroch’

Film of talk by Dr Decker Forrest of Sabhal Mor Ostaig at the Museum of the Isles on 5 June 2019. Dr Forrest provides a fascinating introduction to pibroch and its history, explaining its musical structures and illustrating them with his own playing. - Armadale Castle Skye

The event was part of the Clan Donald Gaelic Arts Week supported by EventScotland's Scottish Clan Event Fund.


Build me a bridge over the stream
to my neighbour’s house
where he is standing in dungarees
in the fresh morning.

O ring of snowdrops
spread wherever you want
and you also blackbird
sing across the fences.

My neighbour, if the rain falls on you,
let it fall on me also
from the same black cloud
that does not recognise gates.

Iain Crichton Smith, from  A Country for Old Men

Wardlaw Mausoleum

Wardlaw Mausoleum is in Wardlaw Graveyard at the top of Wardlaw Road in Kirkhill, 8 miles west of Inverness. It was built in 1634 as the burial place for the Lovat Frasers on the end of the original parish church. The roof of the mausoleum was raised and a tower added in 1722 by the then Lord Lovat, the ‘Old Fox’ of the Jacobite Rebellion who was later buried in the crypt. It was used by the Lovats until the early 19th century. The building then fell into disrepair until the 1990’s when the Wardlaw Mausoleum Trust was formed to rescue it. This led to a restoration project with Historic Scotland and Lottery funding. The mausoleum is listed as Grade ‘A’ by Historic Scotland, the highest level of importance.  - Wardlaw Mausoleum Trust

Was Simon Fraser Buried in the Wardlaw Mausoleum?
Headless woman twist to Highlands mystery of The Old Fox
Woman found in Old Fox casket may have been from London
RSE @ Inverness: History & Forensics

Beauly Priory

Beauly Priory is one of three priories founded in Scotland in about 1230 for monks of the Valliscaulian order. The Valliscaulians came from Val-des-Choux (‘Valley of the Cabbages’) near Dijon in France, and adhered to strict ideals of poverty, chastity and obedience.
Beauly, meaning ‘beautiful place’, must have seemed to the monks a wonderful location in which to devote themselves to worship. Only the abbey church still stands today, housing some fine funerary monuments. - Historic Environment Scotland